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Do I need to rebuild my carburetor?

Do I need to rebuild my carburetor?

Why rebuild a carburetor?

People ask, why do carburetors need to be rebuilt? Or when should I rebuild my carburetor? Over time the gasket, seals, and float will deteriorate, reducing performance and eventually your engine will no longer start. The ethanol in today's fuel causes this type of wear and you will eventually need to rebuild your carburetor. Letting your engine sit for as short as a few weeks can allow the ethanol to gum up your carburetor.

How does ethanol gum up a carburetor?

Ethanol in today's fuel absorbs moisture from the air. If a carburetor sits for a while it will usually have gas left in the bowl, unless you drain it. (Helpful tip: Drain your carburetor if you're storing your engine for a while.) The gas sitting in the carburetor bowl, if it has ethanol in it, will absorb moisture and gum up or choke the fuel passageways. When you try to start the engine, gas cannot flow properly and the motor will not start.

Symptoms of a Carburetor that Needs to Be Rebuilt

  • A rough idle
  • The motor dies immediately when you throttle it up.
  • The motor dies or chokes out as soon and you open the choke.

What is in a Carburetor Rebuild Kit?

Newer carburetor rebuild kids provide parts with better material technology that resist the effects of ethanol. The main components of these kits are:

  • The Float - controls the fill level and rate of the fuel coming from the gas tank to the carburetor.
  • Needle Valve / Jets – The needle valve works with the float to allow or shut off the flow of fuel into the carburetor bowl.
  • Gaskets – Some carburetors separate into two halves or pieces. Gaskets make the air tight seal between these two connecting pieces. Also, gaskets seal the interface of the carburetor assembly with the engine and needle valve.
  • Screws, Orifice Caps, Springs, Etc. – The kit will include new attachment hardware

How do I Safely Rebuild My Carburetor?

Ideally you'll want to follow your manufacturer's manual, but we can provide some tips.

Ready to rebuild your carburetor? Find a complete rebuild kit here.

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