Vesrah, a Japanese company, is a Brake pads specialty manufacturer and sales company with accumulated know-how and experience since 1950.  Vesrah’s emphasis from the beginning was on the quality of its aftermarket products.  Currently, Vesrah supplies pads and shoes with organic resin and/or sintered metal materials for a wide range of applications, from vintage to current Japanese and non-Japanese motorcycles.

As new models are marketed, Vesrah first develops and manufactures brakes and oil filters (among other parts) for Japanese as well as for non-domestic vehicles.  Vesrah aims to be the company to go to, especially when you have trouble finding excellent quality parts that you are looking for.  Vesrah aims to supply parts that are synonymous with Reliable, Safety and Unfailing in living up to customers’ expectation.

Vesrah parts are made in Japan and distributed in the countries of Japan, the United States of America, The European Union, and many others. Reliable quality and wide applications are one of the reasons for their worldwide acceptance.

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